Loan Offers From Amazon’s Seller Lending Program | How To Get A Business Loan Form Amazon 2022 Update

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Hello friends, the topic about which we will talk today is its name. Amazon’s Seller Lending Program Loans Talking about the past.

funding for amazon sellers this facility was earlier only outside India but in India also it has been launched in 2022. And here you can also take your business loan in easy ways. Just for this, it is very important for you to have an Amazon seller account, only then you can apply for it.

Amazon has just rolled it out, completely anyone who has an Amazon seller account gets an email from Pre-Qualified Loan Offers From In which you are told that you can apply for this loan under this loan which is Loan Offers From Amazon’s Seller Lending Program in a few minutes.

After all, what is this Amazon Lending Program?

how to apply icici credit card

Amazon is a very big company with which millions of sellers are associated in India. And keep connecting. And working with Amazon. In such a situation,

Amazon took care of so many sellers and took their business forward. Have brought a program called the “amazon lending program”. (amazon seller lending program India)

A good loan will be given inside it. who is connected to amazon? As a seller, these programs will email selected people who have a seller account and sell their goods on Amazon.

This will also benefit Amazon and sellers will also benefit, and sellers will be able to pay the loan amount in the form of EMI which will be for 36 months.

New Loan offers from Amazon's Seller Lending Program
New Loan offers from Amazon’s Seller Lending Program Email

Who is the loan partner of Amazon Lending Program India?

loan offer from Amazon sellers landing program loan partner

  • 🏆 Flexiloans (click here to visit the official website)
  • 🏆 Indifi (click here to visit the official website)

what is amazon’s lending interest rate?

Amazon Lending Program has been tie-up with two partners in India, in which the interest rate goes from 12% to 28%, it is up to you which loan partner you select and process it further.

How much loan can we take from Amazon Lending Program?

At least you can take a loan of 1 lakh to 10 lakh in this program. We have made a table below to understand better, by looking at it you can easily understand what will be the interest rate and how much loan can be availed in Amazon Lending Program.

Flexiloans LoansIndifi Loans
Flexiloans Loans Information (Amazon sellers landing Loan program)Indifi Loans Information (Amazon sellers landing Loan program)
Up to ₹9,999,999
12.00% – 26.00% Interest Rate
36 MonthsTenure
Get Loans Up to Rs.8L based on KYC only
Special festive offers
Quick approvals based on transaction history with Amazon
At least 1 year of business operations
Terms and conditions applied
Up to ₹999,999
16.00% – 28.00% Interest Rate
36 MonthsTenure
Supported 5000+ e-commerce sellers
Quick disbursals in 48 hrs only T&C apply
100% online process & minimal documentation
Loan based on Amazon Sales, KYC
No bank statement for loan up to INR 10 lakh
Disclaimer: Offers shown on this page are an informational resource only. If you elect to apply for a loan/credit facility, then you will be redirected to an application page hosted by the Lender, where you will be asked for additional information. Loans/credit facilities are offered at the discretion of the lenders, independent of Amazon, on the basis of the information provided by you or on your behalf. Lenders may revise eligibility criteria or introduce additional requirements for loans/credit facilities, including in order to qualify for certain terms or rates, at their discretion. Amazon does not guarantee that you will be approved nor make any representations as to the lenders or offers that may be provided. If you obtain a loan/credit facility, then you will be contracting directly with the Lender and your loan will be subject to the terms of any contract between you and the Lender. Amazon will not mediate any disputes between you and the Lender, for questions about your loan/credit facility or loan/credit application, please contact the Lender directly. Please reach out to for queries on loan offers.

Are There Any Documents Required To Take A Loan In Amazon Lending Program?

Yes, by the way, everyone knows that documents have to be given to take any kind of loan. The same is there in this too, but in this, you can submit documents through online E-KYC  if you have your,

If the documents are kept in the app in Digilocker, then your work will become very easy, in this, your documents will be automatically taken.

Keep Note: Whatever bank account you have in the bank, it should be in the name of your firm and should be a current account

  • PAN Card
  • Current account’s bank statement for the past 6 months
  • Business address proof
  • State-Issued ID Proof
  • Statutory documents of the business
  • KYC documents

Having done all this, now what next?

If you have completed all these processes. You will get your approved loan limit in a few minutes after online e-KYC, which you can transfer to your bank account instantly.

Can anyone take a loan from Amazon Lending Program?

No, it is not so, for this it is very important to have a seller account on Amazon and will invite you by emailing itself to Amazon Lending Program, which will be an invite email and you can apply from the same link.

How long will it take to repay the loan in the Amazon Lending Program?

In Amazon Lending Program You will get 36 months to repay the loan ammount, now it is up to you whether you pay it first or pay it by taking the full time.

And where can I get all the information about Amazon Lending Program?

You will get complete information on this post, but you can also find out by visiting the official page, whose link is being posted here which is of Amazon Lending Program.

Disclaimer :

Whatever information you are seeing on this website, we put it on this website after doing research and talking to expert people, we do not take any kind of loan or personal information of anyone or you can only see here What will be the process of taking a loan? If you see any mistake in this post or if you see any mistake on this website then you can contact us. and we’ll try to fix it

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