what is mutual fund? Is it right to invest now In 2022?

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What is a mutual fund? Mutual funds are a means of investing in every big company, which is invested in different places by collecting money from investors and making it a portfolio.

These companies invest in stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. And earns money. The entire team of the companies is engaged in all these types of work.

what is mutual fund
what is mutual fund? Is it right to invest now In 2022?

So what does this company do with our money?

To explain in simple words, Mutual Funds are funds made from the accumulated money of many people. In this, money is invested by the companies at different places. And the same effort of the companies is that the money of the investors should be given as much as possible inside it. So that investors re-invest in that company.

This whole system depends on the company itself. Whether she is putting money in the right place or putting money in the wrong place, it is definitely a bit risky.

Not necessary in Mutual Funds. That only a large amount should be invested, you can invest even with a small amount in mutual funds.

So with how much money can, we start?

Consumers can start at Only At list 500₹ Minimum a month if they want.

In mutual funds, is there any confusion?

Mutual Fund is one such term. Which confuses a lot of people. Many people think It will work like a stock market, or money can be earned by investing in it for a short time.

Mutual Funds are bought according to the unit, in which 0.1 to 1 point more is taken, it is called a unit, suppose you invest in a mutual fund, then you get a unit for ₹ 500. This unit is called NAV. Similarly, every company displays its growth chart, in which it is known how much the company is growing. And how much return the investors are getting.

How to understand mutual funds easily?

There are many things that it becomes very important to know. What is a mutual fund? Mutual funds are one such great option in today’s time.

Which is quite impressive. In today’s time, we have many options to invest in. There is also a mutual fund in the same

In today’s time, if a person is looking to invest in mutual funds. So he should be fully aware that long-term investments always give good returns inside mutual funds. Short-term mutual fund investments are also very effective.

But it is better to invest in the long term and this should also be known

Which mutual fund is running in the best position? In the market which can give us the best returns, this return goes from 10% to above 90%. And also comes down.

And if you have the right information about it, then you get very good returns and at the same time earn well with mutual funds.

It is a kind of public fund. In which a lot of people’s money is invested. Or say that a lot of money is earned by collecting a lot of money. i.e. a huge investment

The company invests that money after collecting small and big amounts from the investors. This means it invests directly in the market. Now, this is what is meant by the market.

Let all that money be a lion’s market. Or money is earned by investing in brands etc. Take as an example A. B. C is a company we bought the mutual fund of ABC now A B C company will make many investments with our money

Which he invests in the brand market in the stock markets or by investing money in his company and whatever profit he earns, he distributes the profit to the investors according to the unit.

Can I buy mutual funds from any company?

No, it is not so, not every company has a mutual fund. Any company that has a mutual fund is registered in the name of SEBI.

Because it is very important to register the name of SEBI in any mutual fund, in all the expenses incurred by the mutual fund investors on the dividend fund, all kinds of things like MMC and admin expenses and agent’s commission are deducted from it.

After all, how many types of these mutual funds are there?

There are two types of mutual funds.
  • Open-ended mutual fund
  • Close-ended mutual fund

In open-ended funds, you can invest as much as you want and withdraw your money whenever you want. In some companies, the investment amount in open-ended funds is kept fixed.

In some, it starts from ₹ 100, and in some, it starts from ₹ 500.

Close-ended fund It is like a fixed deposit i.e. for some regular period which is a minimum of 3 years.

You can also call it the locking period, when you invest money inside it, it gets locked in a way, which means now the locking period can be from 3 years to 15 years.

This fund can be bought only at the time of the new fund offer. The best advantage of mutual funds is that any investor can buy or sell it anytime according to the NAV as per the current time.

How do companies use our money, and where do they invest it?

Mutual Funds divide investors’ money into four parts according to their own
  • growth fund
  • income fund
  • balance fund
  • money market fund

Growth Fund: – Through this fund, most of the investors’ money is invested in the stock market, and they have only one goal, which is to provide more capital appreciation in a short period of time.

Income Fund: – This fund is invested in fixed income generating activities such as government securities, securities are bought in brands such as

Balance Fund:- Balance Fund is a part of a Growth Fund and an Income Fund, Balance Fund is invested in both, whether it is Growth Fund or Income Fund, in which the income is guaranteed by 100%.

Money Market Fund:- This type of fund is invested in deposits or commercial papers. It provides a type of income. Its only objective is to make money available easily.

Some time ago, to invest in mutual funds, one had to go to a friend’s fund office or a mutual fund company’s office, but now the new time is going on.

According to that time, you can do mutual fund investments inside the mobile itself, that too very easily, so many developments have happened in today’s digital era.

Using which you can invest, you can operate mutual funds from home only from mobile, there are many such apps that provide this service.

Whether it is a share market or mutual fund, you can easily track how much you have invested and how much profit you have received, what loss you have suffered.

You will find all these types of information in that app, some of them are the best apps, which we will tell below according to the category.

Some Points In Mutual Funds pros and cons

Positive (advantages)
  • Fast Buy and Sell
  • easy management
  • start with small investment
Negatives (disadvantages)
  • high fees like commission
  • Invest more to earn money
  • Difficulty in comparing funds

So where do we start in mutual funds?

INDMoney Best Investment Trading Mobile App

INDMoney IND Download INDMoney App Money is the best mobile app. You can also get attractive gifts by downloading this app.

mutual fund investment guide
mutual fund investment guide

This is the best app ever. In which you can invest mutual funds. And you can easily buy share market inside it. And can also sell.

It is quite user-friendly, inside it one can easily understand in one go. That is how to invest in mutual funds.

How to remove In this, you can live track which position your mutual fund is in. You can also download it from Google Play Store. And this app is available for download. Download by clicking on the link. Download from here


In this post, we have come to know what is a mutual fund, how to invest in mutual funds, and how many types of mutual funds are there, how did you like all this information, you will definitely tell us in the comment or any kind of mistake. If yes, then you will also tell him. Thank you very much for reading this post.

So you have learned in this post About “Mutual Funds” pros and cons, and how work, we have shared all kinds of information with you, you should read it carefully and invest thoughtfully, bookmark us for a lot of such information.

Q. How many types of mutual funds are there?


There are five types of mutual funds. There are five types of equity funds, bond funds, balanced funds, money market funds, and short-term income funds.

Q. How to invest in Mutual Fund?


In the digital age of h is the online platform. You can easily track which mutual fund is giving good returns and which mutual fund is not giving returns, in which you can invest directly in mobile apps or any website. Or you can also take this service through any mutual fund advisory agent who tells you. Which will advise you in which to invest is right in today’s time.

Q. Which is better to invest or buy mutual funds?


Yes, taking mutual funds is not a bad thing, but it is also risky, investment without guidelines sometimes gives loss, so according to the market, it should be checked which mutual fund investment will be the best, who is in profit, and who is in the loss. Is in But it is important to note that whatever investment is being made, it should be at the right place

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